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Freelance Developers Wanted

Colours & Numbers is the creative collaboration of Iain Greenhalgh and Jarrod Smith. Combining years of experience in art direction and video game development, we design and make things by merging art and code, technical and creative.

We’ve created social media visualisation apps for mobile, interactive large scale projection installations, augmented reality presentations for film and product launches, software for generative print illustrations used in brand campaigns, experiential environments in converted shipping containers and physics simulations to animate hundreds of thousands of elements for film visual effects… among other bits and pieces. We make games too, but they’ll most likely be projected ten stories tall onto a skyscraper.

Our aim is to do the kind of work and create the kind of work environment that we always wanted. One where there is no hard division between technical and creative. One of exciting ideas flowing from an open collaborative spirit. Of high quality and expertise, and the collective inspiration that abounds when you’re surrounded by imaginative, professional people that understand this.

If you like the sound of this, and want to work on challenging, bespoke creative uses of the latest technology, we’re looking to expand our sacred list of talented freelance coders for a range of really cool current and upcoming projects.


You must have significant game development or creative coding experience of some kind, i.e.:

  • 2+ years video games industry experience (ideal candidate)
  • Major contributor to an indie game project
  • Public interactive installation project
  • Large final-year game project demonstrating significant Unity knowledge
  • Can both receive and offer constructive critique
  • Lateral thinking to solve problems
  • …assisted by actively researching and learning new tech and approaches
  • Good time management, adapting solutions to the timeline
  • Striving for a high level of polish in their work with attention to aesthetic details
  • Excellent at collaboration, brainstorming & discussion
  • Can also work independently and unsupervised
  • Take responsibility for delivering robust bug-free code for deployments that cannot fail, i.e. public live events
  • Game Development
  • Unity, Surface Shaders, Vertex and Fragment Shaders, Material System, Mechanim
  • OpenFrameworks, Processing
  • C#, C++, Java: deep knowledge of at least one of these and the ability to adapt to different languages
  • 3D Rendering and related maths: matrices, vectors, linear algebra
  • Shaders: HLSL / Cg
  • Understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of Object-Oriented programming
  • Can design complex software systems in response to a creative brief, mockups, design discussion etc.
  • Understanding of skinned animation and morph targets
Bonus Skills
  • Python
  • 3D Modelling
  • Kinect, LEAP, micro location, Oculus
  • Android or iOS development
  • Large Touch Screens (IR sensor frames etc.)
  • Multi-monitor rendering
  • RESTful API integration, sockets, TCP and UDP

Working Arrangement

Colours & Numbers operates out of the super lovely Home Room co-working space right in the heart of Melbourne CBD. You’ll work with us in our studio during the initial stages of a project. After that you can work remotely, but how much depends on your experience. Typically we’ll also ask that you come in from time to time throughout the project, and be available for phone catch-ups etc. You can work from here even more if you like, that’s great! But we do need you to have a remote set-up as well.

These are the kinds of things you will be making with us…


Sounds like you? See what we’re getting at? Excited?

Awesome! This isn’t your typical coding job. Please send your resume and an introduction to: